Guideline to Buy a Cheaper Yet High Quality Leather Jacket

Buying a men’s leather jacket that is both inexpensive and high quality is everyone’s dream, however, you cannot find it everywhere. People everywhere are looking for a jacket that they can wear all year long but mostly in winter to combat the harsh weather. There is a few menswear that comes with the attitude andleather jacket for menare one of them. It would not be wrong to say they are quite synonymous with motorcycles, pilots, and punks. It is both versatile and classic and perfect outerwear for the men, and not to forget the high testosterone menswear as well

Dealing with the strong winter winds without any support is not easy, you need something that can give you comfort along with some kind of fashion statement as well. If you are not following any fashion statement and are just regularly wearing the okayish and not-so-amazing jacket, you do not feel your confident self even particularly if you are at a party or some event. Earlier in the 1900s brown leather jackets were worn by aviators and pilots, most notably the fighter men in WWI.

Nevertheless, no matter how much we talk about wearing a jacket, choosing a leather jacket for men that is both of top-notch quality and not so heavy on the pocket as well is kind of tricky. Whenever and wherever you find a good quality jacket you would always see an expensive price tag attached to it. However, if you shop from Real Leather Garments, you would see no such thing.

1)Leather Quality- the Most Important Step

One of the most important things throughout your shopping journey is to check the leather type and quality. However, choosing the right fabric can be crucial and difficult for someone who does not know how to choose the right one, but once you get a hang of it, shopping for a leather jacket becomes very easy. If you are not aware of the peculiarities of the quality of the leather jacket, you might end up getting scammed or buying something that is not of great value. You must invest in something that does not only look good but also yield good and effective results as well.

2) Leather Skin the Main Decider

当你考虑到质量,第一届ing that you must think about is the animal skin, that your leather jacket would be made up of. However, it is entirely a subjective matter and depends hugely upon the available budget. While there are various animals from which the leather jacket manufacturers obtain skins, lamb, calfskins, cow, sheep, and goat are a few big ones that are expensive and quite heavy on the pocket. The exotic leather includes Crocodile, Kangaroo, and Pig, these are expensive and of high quality.

If you are looking for something that is light on the pocket but high in quality, there is no better option for you than a cowhide. It is known for strength, and harshness and is pretty durable as well. Thebiker jacketsare usually made up of cowhide.

3) Leather Type/ Grading Can be a Game Changer

The second most important element to decide on is to check the grading along with the leather type. There are generally three kinds of leather which include Full grain, top grain, and corrected leather as well. The overall hide is generally used in Full grain leather in its own state along with the scars, patterns, and marks which are retained and not altered at all. These are higher in price as with time it ages quite well. If you are looking for a good jacket and price is not the issue, you know what leather type you must go for.

On the other hand, the corrected grain is kind of low in quality but they can be processed to make it look like higher and better grades.

4) Lesser Panels are Cheaper

It is generally known that the jackets that are made with fewer and lesser panels make fewer joints and are more expensive than the regular jacket that is made with forming many joints and many panels. There are many exceptions though, where a jacket that has many panels and forms different joints is also expensive because of the embroidery, embellishment, and detailing on it. The more designed and detailed your jacket is, the more expensive it will be. However, you can make the exception, if you are looking for something cheaper you can go for less detailing and embellishments. In order to cut prices, the manufacturers make different jackets using the leftovers, you can choose from them too.

5) Choose the right Inner Lining Fabric

内衬是额外的织物层adds more weight to the jacket. It allows you to firmly tug the whole jacket down on your shoulder and makes a smooth fall from up to down. Moreover, it further absorbs sweat in most of the cases and is pretty warm and soft eventually making it perfect wear for comfortable wearing. Most people do not realize that they do have the option of choosing the inner lining fabric, they can go either plain or quilted or just remove the entire lining altogether. However, the kind of fabric that you go for can have an impact on the pricing.

Incorporate these tips and tricks in your next leather jacket for men’s shopping and see how you get the best jacket of your life!

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New American Jackets Vintage Cafe Racer Leather Jacket Review – $99.00

I first found myself needing a cafe racer jacket when a bunch of my friends from work formed a mortar biking group. The plan was for us lads to motorbike at the brink of dawn and then have a hearty breakfast outside.

The motorbike brought memories of the insane amount of dust you catch when enjoying the high speeds. So when I came across theVintage Cafe Racer Leather Jacketat New American Jackets, I instantly had to have it. And spoiler alert: it was the best decision I ever made! Suffice it to say that the author in me was tickled pink when asked to write a review about the jacket!

About New American Jackets

New American Jacketsis a website that provides leather attires that are stitched into the most flattering jackets you will ever find! It was apparent that the sales department of New American Jackets had marketers that were experts in E-commerce.

Another thing that caught my eye was the magnitude of designs they had. One would think that there is not much that could be done about fashion when concerned with leather jackets. But New American Jackets proved me wrong. What I found most amazing was that the website hosted so many jackets inspired by famous TV series and Movies. Many iconic leather jackets that I came across on the big screen were available at the website!


The cafe race jacket that I got was very high quality. It was distressed in a manner that it would make the wearer look masculine and rugged. The leather was a smooth sheepskin leather that looked like it came from one of the finest tanning industries. The inside of the jacket was just as impressive as the exterior, lined with soft viscose.

The jacket had two zipper pockets at the waist and two at the chest. It had two on the inside as well. The zippers on all of the four pockets were so smooth that they coiled to be maneuvered with one hand only. And the stitch work all around the jacket was done with tough break-resistant thread. Overall the jacket had finesse.


Whenever you purchase a product, you only do so because you need that product to perform a function. And the cafe leather jacket that I bought performed its function amicably well. The material was ideal for the entirety of a bike ride and was mid-weight enough for me to wear in either hot or cold temperatures. But as far as the function went, it made me look good and snug, just like I wanted.

I was even able to stash some napkins in the two pockets on the inside, along with my wallet, keys, and phone. Even the inner pockets had a lot of space.


I pay attention to detail. So when I first unpacked my jacket, I was instantly blown away by the quality of the distressed leather on the outside. It was soft and smooth. No dirt was able to stick to it since the well-tanned leather provides a frictionless exterior. And the color! It was the deepest, richest shade of charcoal grey I ever laid eyes on.

The rich grey color of the cafe racer jacket took me back to the post-war bliss and to the excitement that men had in the beginning when they were finally able to afford a motorbike after the war.

This jacket is one that has a rich history. Whenever I put this jacket on, I am reminded of a man’s need to explore and discover new things. I especially like wearing this jacket with a plain black t-shirt and a pair of washed-out denim.


To wrap it up, I would say that this jacket will be like your buddy from the hood who always has your back. It fits well and feels secure when zipped up. The shoulders fit very well around my medium to large frame and still gives me an ample amount of room to move about. This is one of the reasons why I have been able to wear this jacket on multiple occasions.

New American Jackets also has a great discount on the jackets. I don’t remember any time when I checked out of New American and had to pay the entire price. There was always a discount or a sale. Even though the original price of the Vintage Cafe Racer Leather Jacketwas $189, which was too high for me. You can’t imagine how pleased I was when I was able to get this beauty for $99 only! Now you might think that I would have to cover the shipping charges. Wrong! The shipping was free. I was bubbling with excitement at the great bargain that I got!

In my opinion, investing in a staple leather jacket is a way to secure debonair looks for years and years to come. I am the proud owner of many leather jackets, and this one is my current favorite. I can personally guarantee that taking good care of your leather jacket will make it last for generations! And with everything considered, the style, durability, richness in color, hardware detail, and the promise of reliability for a lifetime, I definitely got more than I paid for!

Beckett Simonon Atlas Biker Jacket First Impressions – $379

They say leather never goes out of style. Today I have the privilege of showing you a jacket that proves this to be true. Not only is the Beckett SimononAtlas Biker Jacketa well made, highly functional leather good, but it also pays homage to one of the most classic motorcycle jacket styles.

About Beckett Simonon

Beckett Simonon是一个相对年轻的公司以一个相当独特的吗business plan: they don’t keep any items in stock. That may seem like a bad thing at first thought, but it has its advantages. Not only does that mean your product was made specifically for you, it also means cost can be kept as low as possible. Keeping a large stock of items is a lot of overhead cost for a company, which drives up prices. Instead, Beckett Simonon does limited-time campaigns of product pre-orders. Every item is made to order and sent out after the campaign ends. You may wait a bit longer (the current Atlas campaign, which ends this month, will deliver in December), but you’ll get a high end product at a great price made just for you.

Beckett Simonon is dedicated to ethical sourcing of materials and labor. They maintain tight control of their supply chain and manufacture mainly through family owned-and-operated operations.

Leather & Construction

Atlas外与完整粒在哥伦比亚n calfskin leather. The jacket and pockets are closed with smooth YKK zippers. The jacket is lined with a cotton material around the body and a more polyester type material in the sleeves.

I haven’t owned the Atlas very long, but have yet to find any issues at all. I’ve gone over nearly every inch of the Atlas and pushed its limits through use. This leather is soft and beautiful, and strong enough to prevent minor road rash in case of an incident. Stitching is discrete and well done. This jacket is well put together with quality materials.


Around a week ago, Utah decided autumn is overrated and decided to skip right to winter. Thankfully, the Atlas showed up on my doorstep about the same time. This is a nice warm jacket! Leather is impressively good at blocking the wind and keeping your heat near your body without feeling stuffy. A zipper at the end of the sleeves, the full-length chest zipper, tall collar, and buckles at the waist allow you to tighten up the jacket at the entrances to minimize heat loss. These features are crucial for cold motorcycle rides. Three outer zippered pockets and a pair of inner pockets give lots of places to keep small items and warm hands.


If you’re a fan of the classic biker jacket look but feel they can be a bit cluttered visually, look no further. I’m a huge fan of the balance the Atlas has struck here. Typical motorcycle jackets have several additional buttons, straps and other features that can be handy but also leave the jacket somewhat “loud” aesthetically. The Atlas has critical features for staying warm and stowing items, but is otherwise minimal.

Pairs well with the black cuff strap

There’s a balance of the rugged, pointed collar leather biker jacket and the classic, incomparable classy leather jacket. It’s a really well found middle ground leaving you feeling fashionable but not left wanting for function.

Dad’s Motorcycle Jacket

我笑了,当我第一次看到了阿特拉斯。The look is an homage to classic biker jackets. I wear my father’s 1960’s Harley Davidson leather jacket, and the Atlas could be its modern day twin. There’s certainly differences, dad’s jacket leaning more towards the utilitarian, but the feel is definitely the same. I’m happy to have a jacket that reminds me of dad’s killer old Harley jacket, but is modernized enough to be more comfortable–in both the social and physical sense! Like father like son, I guess.

Dad’s 1960’s Harley Davidson biker jacket


Pros:Soft and beautiful leather, modern meets classic style, comfort, warmth on and off a motorcycle, low price, several pockets

Cons:更少的功能/ prote来ction than some biker jackets, longer delivery wait

I haven’t been able to spend as much time with the Beckett SimononAtlas Biker Jacketas I would like, but I’m very excited to continue to use it moving forward. So far this jacket has kept me feeling stylish, comfortable, and warm in the Utah premature-winter weather. Quality leather, good other materials, and superb construction will help this jacket last for many years to come. The price is high compared to jackets and coats made with lesser quality materials, but is on the low end for top notch leather. Beckett Simonon is a company dedicated to ethics and quality products at a reasonable price. Make sure to swing by their online shop today–the Atlas jacket’s limited campaign is over at the end of this month!

First Impressions: Jaunji Designs Uptown Jacket in Lambskin

Jaunji Designs has announced a new line of men’s and women’s jackets made with lamb, goat, or natural grain cow leather via anew Kickstarter campaign,which we reported on a few weeks ago. They quickly met and exceeded their goal, but jackets are still available for preorder. We were able to get our hands on a sample jacket in the Uptown style, a high collared jacket with a classic fit.

Jaunji 2

The Uptown jacket has snap cuffs, two zip chest pockets, two side pockets, and two interior pockets, one of which is zippered. This jacket is made with lambskin in a light cognac color with a subtle distressed finish. It also features a herringbone lining which is soft to the touch, but durable.

For men, the jackets come in four styles: Moto, Cafe Racer, Bomber, and Uptown, a simple high-collared design. Ladies’ jackets also come in two styles: Uptown, and a moto style with an asymmetrical zip.

Jaunji 1

The construction of the Uptown jacket is solid. Seams are even and the hardware appears to be well made too. The leather is soft to the touch and has a pleasant aroma to it. Lambskin is not super thick, but still retains great strength and durability.

What’s especially nice about the Jaunji Uptown jacket is the weight. It’s a great option for spring, early fall and those days when the weather just calls for a lighter weight jacket. The lack of bulk is definitely noticeable and appreciated. The cognac color is aesthetically pleasing and along with the style of the jacket lends itself well to business casual attire or simple casual daily wear.

Jaunji 4

The jackets come lined with standard viscose lining, but can be upgraded to a herringbone wool.The herringbone lining gives the jacket a bit more of an upscale look – this is just our opinion especially since we haven’t seen the standard version in person.

The cool thing about these jackets is that they are custom-fit, to measurements you send in upon purchase. So there’s not a back stock of pre-made jackets, they are made specific to your measurements and leather choice.

Jaunji 5


Overall, our test jacket has been well received in public. People enjoy the feel of the leather and comment positively on the style and color. We can easily see why Jaunji met their original Kickstarter goal in less than 8 hours. There are still spots available on theirKickstarter夹克的风格你选择的标准rd lining and choice of color for $369, which is about $200 off expected retail price. Couples can pledge $669 for two jackets of their choice. This is a good deal for a high quality, custom-fit jacket made to your specifications. We look forward to seeing how things progress for Jaunji with this project and designs that are launched from them in the future.

Jaunji 6Jaunji 3

Satchel and Page Black Calfskin Cafe Racer Jacket Review – $560

If you do not have leather jacket in your wardrobe, I highly advise you to start saving up to buy one. A leather jacket is one of the most timeless accessories you can own. Whether you’re looking for a riding jacket, aviation jacket, or just a leather jacket to add to your style, you are in the right place. Satchel and Page has a knack for making high quality, beautiful, and timeless leather products. This time around I have the privilege of reviewing theSatchel and Page Café Racer.

Satchel Page Cafe Racer 4


Based out of Austin, Texas, Satchel & Page is dedicated to producing handmade, high quality leather products. Each of their leather products has been designed with WWII and 1940s influences. As I’m sure you know, Satchel & Page has launched several of their product lines via extremely successful Kickstarter campaigns. The leather jacket campaign has proven to be a fabulously successful venture for this awesome company, with many, many people backing and supporting it to get a hold of one of these jackets, and for good reason.


The Café Racer leather jacket is constructed using full-grain French calf leather that has been vegetable re-tanned. The vegetable re-tanning process has made the black leather resistant to scratches and nicks, and designed to age in the best way possible. The calf leather is a perfect choice to use in the construction of a leather jacket because it is softer, smoother, and lighter than regular cow leather. The Café Racer also boasts seven YKK zippers, a satin/cotton blend fabric for the internal lining, and higher armholes for the sleeves. The armholes are designed in this high stature to give it the racy, tight fit throughout the tailored body. The jacket has been skillfully constructed with some of the most premium materials possible, and in the eight months I have had this jacket, I have not found one insufficiency.

Satchel Page Cafe Racer 6


I have had this jacket for a very long time. It’s one of the only products I have consistently used for several months before I put together a review. In my opinion, waiting this long to review this Café Racer jacket has been a good decision. I have had the opportunity to wear this jacket for roughly 4,000 miles of motorcycle riding in 2015 and numerous social outings. I am thoroughly in love with how this jacket performs when I’m riding and in everyday activities. The tight fit (now a little tighter cause of some weight gain) is perfect for riding. There is no flapping or drag while riding my motorcycle and certainly no complaints on the appearance of my jacket.

The Café Racer functions flawlessly in cold and warm weather. In cold weather the YKK zippers on the sleeves expand for just enough room to get your riding gloves on and zip back down for a nice, snug fit to keep the cold air from running up your arms. In warmer weather, keep the main zipper unzipped a little bit and open up the sleeve zippers for a comfortable riding temperature. The Café Racer leather jacket has functioned without an issue since day one, and shows no signs of stopping. Whether I’m riding though some twisties on my motorcycle or bundled up with a beanie and a scarf, the Café Racer leather jacket has proven to be a staple in my wardrobe.

Satchel Page Cafe Racer 7


I’m not going to lie, I get a lot of looks when I’m riding my all black street bike wearing my black leather jacket with a black leather satchel on my back. Aside from the egotistical positives this jacket offers, it truly is stunning all of the time. The black leather is soft, pliable, and perfect in every aspect. The no-nonsense attitude this jacket exudes is just plain attractive. This classic design certainly isn’t going anywhere, and I’m positive this jacket will last for decades to come.


I am thoroughly impressed with theSatchel & Page Café Racerleather jacket. The premium materials, heritage roots, and overall superior quality come together to make an investment like this too good to pass up. With a fair price of $560, this leather jacket will last for longer than you’ll be able to wear it. Head over to theSatchel & Page websiteto check out their beautiful leather products, and don’t forget to follow them onInstagram. If you act fast you can get a $70 coupon that lasts through Thursday; buying this jacket will be a decision you will not regret.

Satchel Page Cafe Racer 9
Satchel Page Cafe Racer 10

Wilsons Leather Contemporary Lamb Topper Coat Review – $569.99

Looking good is the last thing on your mind when it’s freezing out and you can’t feel your fingers and toes. If you’ve lived in the northern tier of the continental United States, you have an acute understanding of the meaning of the word “winter”. As we get further into December and closer to the New Year, I’m pretty ecstatic thatWilsons Leatherasked me to review theirContemporary Lamb Topper Coat. Given that the last few weeks in Spokane have been filled with snow, wind, and cold weather, it was a perfect time to give the jacket thorough consideration as a winter coat.



Sometimes the company says it best. In this case, we’re going to let Wilsons Leather tell you a little bit about them:

Wilsons Leather is a leading specialty retailer of quality accessories and outerwear. Currently operating under two formats, we offer fashion and value through an assortment of designer brands and special purchases for both men and women. Categories include outerwear and accessories such as handbags, briefcases and travel items. While holding tight to our leather roots, we also carry an assortment of additional fabrications such as wool, cotton and faux-leather to give our customers more options. Our e-commerce site offers an extension of our store experience and is intended to increase brand awareness.


Wilsons Leather has been around for a long time and understands the business of providing quality leather goods at prices appealing to leather enthusiasts.


这件夹克是真实的chrome-ta的外壳江南足球官网appnned lambskin, with Thinsulate® insulation and a polyester interior liner. The image on the Wilsons Leather web site boasts an open-slit pocket on the left chest, but you won’t find one on this jacket (the description on the site indicates that pocket doesn’t exist either). That leaves you with two open flap pockets four buttons on each cuff, a 3-button placket, and a slit tail to allow for easy movement.


The stitching is black, non-contrasting, polyester thread that I found to be well done without any loose threads or uneven stitching, something I’d expect in a jacket of this caliber and price range. Overall weight is 3 pounds, 5 ounces (1.48 kilograms), making it light in its class for 3/4-length leather jacket designed for colder temperatures.



A jacket like this is going to serve dual purposes: keeping you warm and looking good. It succeeds on both accounts. I spent an hour walking outside in 20º (F) weather in downtown Spokane, and felt comfortable; I wasn’t sweating, and wasn’t cold. It fit well over the sweater I was wearing without constriction. It fits to a few inches above my knees comfortably, without restricting any movement due to the slit tail in the back.


One concern I have is that the jacket opens into a “V” about 3/4 of the way up without the possibility of further closure. Should you find yourself in the middle of downpour or snowstorm, that part of your suit or sweater is going to get wet. This is a traditional design for many coats like this, so a scarf would be one easy way to keep the snow or rain out.

The two front pockets (remember there is no breast pocket) will let you hold a wallet and phone without making unsightly bulges in the jacket, though a ring of keys or pair of mittens might be too much. Due to the angle of the pockets, you can’t really use them to keep your hands warm, but they will provide great security for anything you place in them.


The first time I wore this coat, I was impressed with how it fit my frame. In coats, a size large will often feel tight across my shoulders, but this topper gave me plenty of room while conforming to my body type. Made of lambskin, you can’t help but notice the soft feel of the outer shell. With a coat this size, you might expect it to be heavy, but thanks to the Thinsulate® layer, the jacket remains light while you stay warm. The buttons on the coat are large and non-contrasting, meaning you’ll be able to manipulate them even when wearing gloves.


The overall look of the jacket is very professional, and will match well with your suit or business casual attire. Paired with a nice scarf and gloves, you’ll have no worries about staying warm and looking good at the same time.


I really do like theContemporary Lamb Topper Coat, even having experienced the aforementioned snow attacking the open “V” design of the jacket. I really should have had a scarf on that day in the first place. The quality of the jacket is quite good, with nice stitching, materials, and overall construction. This jacket isn’t one you’re going to wear while you’re out chopping wood, but will lend itself admirably to your business formal/casual wardrobe.


WithWilsons Leather, you’re never going to pay the full MSRP. At the time of this review, the jacket lists on their site for $569.99, marked down from $850.00. With the site-wide 60% off sale going on, that brings the price down to $342.00. Some savvy shoppers who have access to a Wilsons Leather outlet may be able to wrangle an even better deal. For a coat of this size and quality, that is right in the ballpark of what you should be expecting to pay.

With proper care, this jacket will last you for the years to come. Always hang it up, dry clean only when needed, and don’t let it get wet. It’s the basics of leather care, but these caveats will serve you well when caring for your expensive leather garments.


Wilsons Leather Black Rivet Distressed Leather Moto Jacket Review – $319.99

As a young boy of eleven, I was first introduced to theMacGyvertelevision series right about the time the Nintendo Entertainment System was released in America. Splitting my time between my two new loves, I noticed that during the show, MacGyver had a habit of wearing a brown distressed leather jacket.

I was rather pleased when asked to review the Wilsons LeatherBlack Rivet Distressed Leather Moto Jacket, as it immediately reminded me of those days thirty years passed. While not identical to the one Richard Dean Anderson wore in the series, there are enough similarities that it took me back to nostalgia-land for a while.


About Wilsons Leather

The Minnesota-basedWilsons Leather, formed in 1988 by a merging of Bermans Leather and Wilsons House of Suede and Leather, is a modern day leather clothing and apparel retailer known famously for their jackets, bags, and accessories.

In 2008, the G-III Apparel Group purchased Wilson’s Leather and E-commerce divisions. Today, Wilsons Leather offers in-season, designer products at their outlet stores. Their online stores offer an even more extensive line of products in addition to increasing brand awareness and improving customer experience. On a more personal note, my wife and I have been visiting the Wilsons Leather Outlet in North Bend, Washington, each time we take a trip to the west side of Washington from our home in Spokane.


The shell is constructed of hand-distressed, semi-vegetable tanned sheep’s leather sourced from Pakistan with a cotton body liner and interior sleeves lined with polyester. The filler inside the jacket is also made of 100% polyester, with the total weight of the jacket coming in at 2 pounds, 7 ounces (1.1 kilograms). The jacket is light into comparison with other jackets on the market


拉链的手,胸口的口袋,主要氧化锌碘仿糊er, and the banded wrist cuffs all use YKK antiqued-brass zippers. The seams of the jacket are double-stitched with non-contrasting brown polyester thread for strength. The stitches themselves are even and add to the overall look of the jacket.



When talking about leather jackets, their function is pretty straightforward: you wear them when they fit the situation, whether it be a cold fall day or a night out on the town. I recently wore it to the premier of a television series they are filming here in Spokane, Washington, and was perfectly comfortable with the outside temperature in the low 60s. Much higher than that and it would be too warm. Depending upon where you live, I imagine it would be suitable for winter and spring months as well. For most locations in the summer, it’ll be too warm as with most coats and jackets.

As a side note, I did find the two inner breast pockets rather handy for storing my phone and my wallet.



Before anything else, I noticed how soft the leather shell of this jacket is. The second thing I noticed was the beautiful cognac brown color of the leather and the way the distressed look played in the light.


This is the first brown leather jacket I’ve had a chance to review, and it’s quickly becoming my favorite. It’sMacGyverish(a word meaning “outstanding” that I made up) good looks easily makes the jacket a classic for those of us who appreciated that era of TV.

Even if you aren’t an old school TV enthusiast, the look and feel of the jacket will draw you in. I felt like I could wear it with a plain black t-shirt, as well as a nice dress shirt depending on where you are going. The jacket is balanced in its look and feel , giving it the ability to skirt the line between casual and formal.


Overall, I found the look and feel of this jacket to match my tastes pretty closely. As a guy with slightly larger shoulders, I did find the large size a little tight around the shoulders, but not enough to prevent me from wearing it comfortably. This has happened with most of the leather jackets I’ve tried on in the last few years.

Wilsons Leatheroutlets and online stores always have pretty good sales going on; I don’t think there is ever a time where I’ve paid the price listed on the tag for my purchase. TheBlack Rivet Distressed Leather Moto Jacketis no exception. The MSRP is $700.00, with the purchase price set at $319.99. Were this the final price, I’d still consider purchasing the jacket were my budget to allow it. At the time of this review, you could get an additional 40% and free shipping if you’re purchasing online, bringing the cost down to $192.00 out the door. I wholly advise checking their online site for deals if you’re in the market for a leather jacket.


With the proper care and cleaning, if you decide to invest in the jacket, it’s going to last you a long time. Well-cared for leather products can have a lifetime of service, and this jacket is no exception. For looks, durability and comfort, I found this jacket to be well worth the price.


Angel Jackets Tom Cruise Mission Impossible 5 Jacket Review – $189

My childhood dream was to become a superhero who could also become any other superhero at will. Years later, not having given up on the dream, I found a way to get myself one step closer to that superhero reality – through theAngel JacketsMission Impossible 5 Jacket. Wardrobe, as you may know, is the most important part of any superhero’s persona.

Light and stylish, this jacket will serve you well…whether you are hanging off the side of an Airbus 400 during takeoff or riding a motorcycle at 100+ miles per hour (we recommend doing neither).


About Angel Jackets

Paul Anderson created Angel Jackets in 2009 after the death of Michael Jackson in response to MJ’s fans looking for a unique way to remember Michael. By combining the costume element of movie star outfits with wearable jackets and real leather, Paul had hit on a winning combination that fans loved.

Today, Angel Jackets updates its collections regularly and takes custom orders. They offer a wide spectrum of jackets from past, present, and unreleased movies, television shows, and musical offerings. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced replica of the jackets today’s stars are wearing, Angel Jackets is a great starting point.



The shell of the jacket is made of genuine, chromium salt tanned, lambskin leather sourced from the Karachi and Sialkot areas of Pakistan. The shell is of good quality, though thin and designed more for the casual wearer. The entire jacket weights slightly under thirty ounces, making it a lightweight in its class. The other leather jacket I have hanging in my closet is sixty ounces by comparison.


The interior of the jacket is lined with viscose, a soft semi-synthetic material composed of regenerated cellulose, often used in the linings of sport jackets and dresses. There are two pockets sewn into the lining, one on each side. They are a nice touch in the event you need to conceal some clever spy gadgets while out on your impossible mission.

On the sleeves, outer pockets, and front of the jacket, you’ll find heavy duty YKK burnished metal zippers. YKK Group is a Japanese conglomerate well-known for manufacturing zippers, and the quality of metal used in this jacket is a nice touch.


The black stitching appears straight and is evenly spaced with no threads dangling at endpoints. Continued wear during cooler months will give a good indication of how it holds up over time.

The standup collar lends a casual look to the jacket without sacrificing any elements of appearance, a look Ethan Hunt would surely approve.



If you’re a superspy finding himself tasked with protecting the world from ne’er-do-wells and need a light flexible jacket to keep you warm and make you look good, this is your jacket. While it is based directly on one of the jackets Tom Cruise sports in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, it will serve handsomely in the spring, summer, fall, and possibly the winter depending upon the climate you live in, whether you are saving the world or not.


The overall lightweight construction of the jacket feels like it would be best suited for a night out on the town or a summer pleasure ride. This is not a heavy duty jacket and should be treated as such.

The jacket I received is a Large (L), and is a very comfortable fit for my size large body. If you are a weight lifter or someone who is very bulky across the shoulders, you might consider going up a size to give your shoulders additional breathing room.



I like the way the jacket looks and fits to my frame. I also appreciate the zippers on the cuff for giving the arms a flared look and a little extra ventilation. The burnished zippers don’t contrast the black lambskin too much and add a nice touch to the overall look. The black viscose interior is the only choice for maintaining a high-quality look while letting the jacket remain light and breathable.


The one concern I had when I received this jacket was a scent that reminded me of napthalene, the same smell some of you might remember when your mom put mothballs in your closet as a kid. After hanging the jacket up for a couple days, the scent dissipated to unnoticeable levels. As of this writing, there is little to no scent on the jacket at all.

After speaking with Paul, he stated that the reason for the smell is due to the leather not being able to breathe during shipping. The moisture content in the jacket can produce the described odor. He also mentioned that since the jacket is hand-wrinkled leather, it contains more moisture than similar leather processed by a machine. If you’re looking to wear this jacket the moment you receive it, you might want to keep this caveat in mind. Give it a couple days to breathe, and it will be superhero-ready.



This jacket is fun. It is lightweight, sports a modern, casual look, and is a comfortable fit. As someone who likes the idea of subtly emulating his favorite film stars, theMission Impossible 5 Jacketdoes just that. I don’t think the jacket will stand up to heavy abuse based on its lightweight construction, but as with all things leather, it never hurts to own more than one.

At $189.00 for a genuine leather jacket, it’s a good value for the looks and fun factor alone. I plan on sporting it in the fall months to see how the stitching and stress points hold up, and to ensure the leather shell can take a few scratches without tearing.

On a final note, what you see on the Angel Jackets web site is what you’ll receive when ordering the jacket. No, Tom Cruise does not come with the jacket, but the look you see online is what you’ll get when you unfold the jacket for the first time. If you’re a fan of the MI series or are in the market for a casual, lightweight leather jacket, check it out.


α类ies MA-1 Flight Jacket Review – $365

Leather jackets are unquestionably some of the finest leather products you can buy. With so many different leathers, colors, fits, and styles, leather jackets singularly bring the most to the table in terms of personal fashion. When BestLeather heard about Alpha Industries and visited their wild booth at Fashion Week, we were beyond excited. At their booth we were given the chance to explain our reviewing process, and on the spot, Alpha Industries chose to set up a review of theirMA-1 Flight jacket.

α类ies MA1 Flight Jacket 3


α类ies is a company surrounded by heritage and tradition. Founded by Samuel Gelber to provide quality clothing to U.S. Armed Forces, Alpha Industries began as a small, 35-employee government contractor. Each product they make has an equally fascinating story to go along with it, so when you buy an Alpha Industries product, you really are getting a quality heirloom product. Today, this iconic company is a globally recognized leather and flight jacket forerunner. Because I could write for pages about Alpha Industries rich history, I’ll let you go ahead and play around with this famous company’s interactive timeline. Check it outhere.

α类ies MA1 Flight Jacket 1


The MA-1 Flight Jacket is constructed using 100% real full-grain leather. It is immediately obvious that the leather on this military aviator jacket is high quality. The beautiful YKK antique brass hardware and zipper provide a refreshing contrast to its all black military attitude and the inside is lined with a diamond patterned polyester quilted lining. The diamond patterned lining is comfortable enough to wear in most temperatures.

α类ies MA1 Flight Jacket 10

On the outside, Alpha Industries has added a personal flair with their signature utility pocket, giving ample storage for several EDC items you want with you. The waistband and cuffs are made from heavy-duty 100% wool. Each seam on this jacket is expertly united, providing an extremely durable, comfortable impression. The skillful construction of the MA-1 Flight Jacket is one of my favorite features because it demonstrates that this jacket will last a very long time.

α类ies MA1 Flight Jacket 5


I have taken this jacket everywhere. I take it on long motorcycle rides, to college classes, skydiving, weekend getaways, and I have even used it to go flying. Each time, without a doubt, someone has commented on the quality of my jacket. Every place I took the MA-1 Flight Jacket, especially flying, I realized just how well it functions. I am never too hot or cold because of the quilted lining, and I always feel pleased with this piece upon taking it off. I have begun to entertain a reputation of “the guy with all the leather” simply because my typical get-up is a leather jacket, leather briefcase or messenger, leather wallet, and leather shoes. It is quite a fun fashion statement to entertain. The MA-1 Flight Jacket is a classic aviator jacket with a refreshing, modern touch.

α类ies MA1 Flight Jacket 8


The MA-1 Flight jacket comes in two colors, brown and black. Each color changes the whole statement of the jacket. Brown offers you the classic, vintage aviation jacket, while black causes an edgier and more modern look. Both colors are definitely a solid choice depending on your style.

α类ies MA1 Flight Jacket 7

As I said earlier, the MA-1 is a great jacket in most temperatures. I can wear it all day riding my motorcycle, and continue to wear it for the cooler afternoons. The softness of the leather allows adequate flexibility and motion enough for me to safely fly planes and ride motorcycles. Overall I have been extremely pleased with how this jacket has performed, and am eager to see how it ages.

α类ies MA1 Flight Jacket 11


Every fashionable man needs a good leather jacket in his wardrobe. If you are looking to make a statement and harken back to the leather loving armed forces of the day, theα类ies MA-1 Leather Flight Jacketis an appropriate choice. In terms of leather jackets, the wise investment of $365 for this leather jacket will be a perfect addition to your style. Head over toα类ies great websiteand see all the different styles they offer. We will be reviewing their G-1 Leather jacket shortly, so stay tuned.

α类ies MA1 Flight Jacket 6α类ies MA1 Flight Jacket 12α行业MA1飞行夹克2α类ies MA1 Flight Jacket 9

US Wings Kangaroo Leather Bomber Jacket Modern A-2 Review – $889.00

In our last review from US Wings, we took a look at their iconicIndy Style Adventurer Jacketand were introduced to US Wings quality selection of leatherwear. We enjoyed that jacket so much and were delighted when asked to review theUS Wings Kangaroo Leather Bomber Jacket Modern A-2. This is our first review of a product entirely composed of Kangaroo leather!

USWings (5)


The A2 Bomber jacket has quite a storied past and is almost instantly recognizable. Standardized by the US Army Air Corps in 1931, the A-2 saw most of it’s service in WW2 to provide protection from the elements for pilots in open cockpit planes. US Wings modern version retains the same classic styling elements but with a few slight modifications such as seal brown coloring and a slightly looser fit. The A-2 features 2 front cargo pockets with side entry handwarmers and an inside chest pocket for adequate storage options. The collar has snap downs that keep it in place and the brass YKK zipper is very solid and smooth. A windflap runs along zipper length and a hook and eye closure secures the collar at the top. Stitched down epaulets adorn the shoulders.

USWings (8)

The kangaroo leather used is actually regulated and certified by the Australian government. And if that doesn’t impress you, studies conducted by the Australian Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization, state that Kangaroo Leather is lighter and stronger than cowhide or goatskin. It’s pretty much the titanium of leathers. The supplier of this particular leather is Packer Leather of Queensland Australia which has been around since 1881. The leather is incredibly lightweight. For reference the Indy Jacket weighs about 4.5 pounds and is cowhide, the A2 in Kangaroo weighs 3.3 pounds.

USWings (1)


The A-2 is an excellent get up and go jacket. The super supple Kangaroo leather forms very well to my frame. The fit is true to size and my normal size large fit accurately. The ventilation grommets on the underarm are a very welcome feature and with the lighter leather, make this a great warm weather option. The ribbed cuffs and waist keep out air and offer a snug fit but sometimes the waist seems to ride up under the jacket when walking, a minor inconvenience if anything. My only real issue is the hook and eye closure. It’s a little difficult to get in place and I think a concealed button would work better.

USWings (3)

The A-2 was meant to shield pilots from the elements in planes, and this bomber excels at that. It was a blustery day in the mid 50s when I took these photos and the wind didn’t bother me at all. The versatility of the leather is quite impressive. I live in Marin County and the climate can change drastically just over a short distance. At the base of the Golden Gate it was cool and windy, but 15 minutes north on 101 and the temperature jumped to the low 70s. In any other leather jacket I’d be tempted to drop by a 7-Eleven, grab a pina colada Slurpee and pour it down my shirt, but the A-2 still felt alright. This is a great riding jacket and I appreciate how it handles weather changes.

USWings (2)


The bomber jacket in general is a quintessential piece of manliness. Take the US WIngs A-2 with one of the finest leathers available and you’re just not playing fair. This jacket just exudes cool. It goes well with just about anything, you could probably wear jorts and still get away with it. You really can’t go wrong with classic looks, it’s timeless and never goes out of style.

USWings (4)


TheUS Wings Kangaroo Leather Bomber Jacket Modern A-2is quite possibly one of the finest leather bombers available on the market. Made in the USA with premium Australian Kangaroo leather, this jacket will serve you, as well as your kids and perhaps their kids too. At $889 dollars it’s quite expensive (US Wings offers this model in many other affordable options) but will last a lifetime.


A quality leather jacket is a staple of everyman’s well thought out wardrobe arsenal. There are many options depending on the look you desire. From motorcycle bad boy to old school aviator, there’s a leather jacket for you. If you often find yourself between purloining historical artifacts and going out for a night on the town with no time to change, theUS Wings Signature Series Vintage Cowhide Indy-Style Adventurer Jacketmight just be your new best friend.

IndySignatureJacket (2)


US Wings is based out of Hudson Ohio and has been in business since 1986. Started by Sgt. David Hack, a decorated soldier and successful recruiter (his recruiting Jeep is one of only 2 ever to be displayed in a US Military museum, the other belonging to Gen. George S. Patton) and his wife Lani Hack, US Wings is an official Defense Logistics Agency supplier and a supplier to US military and government agencies. But that doesn’t mean you need to drop and do 20 to have access to their great line up. In addition to their website, they operate a store in Hudson where they offer a full selection of military inspired jackets and casual everyday clothing. They even offer Tom Selleck’s Aloha Shirt as seen in Magnum P.I. which I’ve been eyeballing with unnatural fervor.

IndySignatureJacket (7)


The Indy Adventurer Jacket is part of US Wings Signature Series which means it’s handcrafted in the USA. This jacket is patterned after the original jacket worn by Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones which was originally designed by Neil Cooper (now US Wings). This jacket features 2 front button snap pockets with side entry hand warmers and an interior chest pocket. A heavy duty YKK zipper is used and protected by a wind flap with top and bottom snaps. Interior is lined with nylon which makes it comfortable against the skin and helps deal with perspiration. The large back panel is a testament to the quality of this jacket. Sometimes manufacturers cut costs by using smaller pieces of leather, often resulting in an unsightly seam going straight down the spine. The leather itself is vintage cowhide from the same tannery that supplied the leather for the 2008 Indiana Jones movie. Thick and substantial, the jacket is on the heavy side at roughly 4lbs 5oz.

IndySignatureJacket (5)


Even though the US Wings Indy Style Adventurer Jacket is modeled after a movie jacket, this is by no means a “costume piece” to be handled lightly. I found it to be a great option in moderately cooler temps. There’s not much insulation going on so be prepared to layer if it drops below 60 degrees. I took it to the beach and the windy conditions didn’t bother me at all. I wouldn’t recommend “popping” the collar for added protection though, unless you don’t mind resembling Dracula.

IndySignatureJacket (4)

The adjustable side straps keep the jacket secure and help keep out cold air. The Bi-swing back really gives you freedom of movement and offers an overall less constrictive feel. US Wings states this jacket is an “oversized fit” that runs about half a size large. I found this to be true, but since I’m between a L and XL I found it fit just right with enough room to layer without looking sloppy. Keep in mind the cuffs at the wrist do not have snap adjustments, while I would have liked to have had that option, I can understand the omission in keeping with the movie jacket design. All in all, you put the jacket on, and it doesn’t get in your way.

IndySignatureJacket (1)


This jacket’s strongest attribute is the classic styling. Essentially an A2 Bomber jacket minus the ribbed cuffs and hem. I’m usually wary about leather jackets as I feel they’re limited in versatility. However the Indy Style Adventurer looks good just about anywhere. Paired with some Levi’s, you look sharp but not too dressy. The side straps can be synched to give a more tapered look which I really appreciate. The large pieces of leather make for a clean and uncluttered garment. The pre-distressed leather exhibits beautiful graining with just the right scuffing.


Of course I had to don the fedora and bullwhip just because this is first and foremost an Indiana Jones jacket! As much as I wanted to run amok in a Moroccan Bazaar, all I had was the local farmer’s market.

IndySignatureJacket (3)


At 489.00, theUS WIngs Signature Series Vintage Cowhide Indy Style Adventurer Jacketis an investment that will serve you for a long time. The American made heritage and quality construction will prove to be a great asset to your wardrobe. Not to mention the origins of this jacket definitely conjure up a spirit of adventure whenever I throw it on, which will be quite often.

Leather Madness Star Trek Black Leather Jacket Review $169.99

Leather Madnessis a small leather company started by Kamal Kahn and a group of friends just 3 years ago. Someone wanted the leather jacket that Hugh Jackman wore as X-Men’s Wolverine and when they couldn’t find one, they dug up some pictures and took it to a leatherworker friend who constructed a prototype. They loved it so much that they each had one made. Next their friends wanted one, and a business was born. The first jackets were sold on eBay by various distributors, but now they can also be found on the Leather Madness website. Although they plan on expanding their leather products to include clothing, bags, accessories, etc, their current forte is jackets – particularly ones with designs taken from popular movies and celebrities. Seeing that I’m somewhat of a Trekkie (nerd-alert), I couldn’t help but test out the Star Trek Black Leather Jacket worn by Chris Pine in the Star Trek 2009 movie.



In order to create jackets from recent or upcoming movies, a research team looks for images from media and previews online to create prototype designs. All Leather Madness leather jackets are then made from full-grain leather from Karachi, Pakistan where leather is produced for major fashion labels all around the world. Two master leatherworkers finalize the designs and oversee a team of skilled workmen who create the jackets. This particular Star Trek jacket is made of tumble-washed sheepskin leather for a softer look and feel. The general structure is similar to a biker jacket with a slim tailored fit, but the stitching, pockets, and durable YKK zippers are designed to resemble the ones that Chris Pine wore in the movie. All stitching is double stitched for durability and the lining is polyester. The jacket was shipped directly from Pakistan through DHL and arrived to New York in about a week. The one thing I definitely noticed was the sheep-y smell from the jacket. Seeing that I was expecting a genuine sheepskin jacket, I’m not disappointed and it’s much less noticeable after a few weeks.



这件夹克是构造看起来像明星Trek jacket, but it is very soft and supple while functioning like any quality leather jacket. Because it is a lighter jacket, it would be best for cold weather in the 50+ degree range, but I still wear it in 10 degree weather here under a larger down jacket. There are a bazillion pockets – two open hand warmer pockets in the front, two zipped front chest pockets, one inner pocket with an additional top pocket, one zipped pocket on the right upper arm, and one zipped pocket on the left lower arm. The cuffs are also zipped in case you need an expanded cuff for gloves. They are all functional pockets and the zippers feel substantial and glide very smoothly.


Although many of the jackets on the Leather Madness website would be better for cosplay conventions (ex: the Captain America jacket), this particular jacket works well as everyday casual outwear.


I chose to get the Star Trek jacket because I wanted a modern short open collar style jacket with that unique “saw it in a movie” appeal but didn’t scream costume. This ended up being a great decision. When I wore it to work for the first time, two coworkers stopped to touch and compliment the jacket. Words like “hot” and “no… seriously HOT” were thrown around. No one recognized it from Star Trek, and when I did mention it, it only added to the interest. If you don’t have a single leather biker jacket in your wardrobe, GET ONE. I now consider it a staple to any wardrobe.


There is a very detailed sizing chart on the Leather Madness website which helps you decide which size you should pick from XS to 3XL. If you want the perfect fit or have an uncommon body shape, you may decide to use custom sizing for $50 where you send in your measurements and they custom make a jacket for you. I fall between an XS and a S so I chose the XS for a better fit. It was a bit tight in the beginning but after about two days of wear, the jacket softened and molded to my build. Since leather stretches, I would definitely recommend getting the smaller size if you fall in between two sizes.


Leather Madness’s Star Trek Black Leather Jacket是一个很好的购买169.99美元。我最初的怀疑s that I would be receiving a genuine quality leather jacket in a reasonable time from a distant country, but I have been pleased with every aspect of this jacket and I have to give credit where it is due. If you are unsure about dropping hundreds of dollars for a jacket from the mall or want another casual everyday jacket for your collection, save yourself some hassle and money and check outLeather Madness.

Outlaw Network Enterprises Outlaw Motorcycle Vest Review – $300

For many folks around the United States, the end has come for the riding season. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t start checking out new accessories and getting prepped for next year’s motorcycle season.

In anticipation of some nice, long rides next year BestLeather decided to start checking out leather riding gear and sourcing out the best pieces available. We’re starting out our series on motorcycle leather gear with Outlaw Network Enterprises (O.N.E.)Outlaw Motorcycle Vest.


About Outlaw Network Enterprises

Outlaw Network Enterprises, based in Los Angeles, CA, was formed by two guys who were tired of wearing vests that could not meet the demands of the serious rider. Year after year they found themselves searching for a new vest because they simply would not last. So, they decided to create a leather vest that would withstand their demands and that was built to last. Now they not only make great leather riding vests, but have developed their own line of riding jackets too.



O.N.E. is serious about making great products. The Outlaw Vest is an incredibly well built riding vest. Here’s a quick rundown of the components used:

  • Handcrafted Heavy Supreme Cowhide (1.3 – 1.6 mm)
  • Back, shaped for unlimited comfort and support
  • Heavy Nylon Lining (Red or Black Standard)
  • Right side full leather Lining pocket
  • Left side full leather inner gun pocket
  • Brass durable snaps
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Made In America


最好的指标如何建造这个背心看到。正在ng it in person and feeling it with your own hands. The leather is thick and substantial – but, it’s supple and flexible. It has a weight and feel to it that validates O.N.E.’s claim to using only the best materials. Seams, snaps, liner, and pockets – they’re all sized appropriately and ideally positioned.



This particular vest is not sized for me, so I have not worn it. My son is able to wear it and has ridden with it on a couple of occasions. Unfortunately, it’s snowing here now and our riding season has ended. However, on the few trips he used it, he confirmed the fact that it’s comfortable to wear and feels great. The interior pockets are nicely sized. In fact, the larger pocket is billed as a gun pocket. It is large enough to securely and safely stow a small revolver or semi-automatic pistol. And, it will easily hold your smartphone, wallet, and other EDC items.



The version of the Outlaw Vest for review is slightly different than the one shown on their website. The version on their website has no collar at all, while the version sent to BestLeather has a raised collar band on it. It certainly doesn’t affect the performance of the jacket, but does change the appearance slightly. For better or worse? You be the judge.

In spite of the slight collar difference, the Outlaw Vest has a nice, clean look. It features sleek lines and a style that isn’t over the top. It has a great feel to the leather. I’m not sure where this leather was tanned, but it has been handled well and the quality is evident.


It’s easy to tell the difference between a high quality vest, such as the O.N.E. Outlaw Vest and a lower quality vest. If you only get a chance to look at them, the texture of the leather is a giveaway. The O.N.E. Outlaw Vest has a richer, warmer appearance over a vest that uses thinner, lower quality leather. And, once you get a chance to touch and feel both, it’s immediately apparent that the O.N.E. Outlaw Vest is clearly the more superior choice.

As they say on their own website,“You WILL notice the difference when you try one of our vests on for the very first time,Guaranteed.”



非法网络企业Outlaw Motorcycle Vestis a wise investment if you want to not only look and feel good while riding, but want something that’s going to last and last. It’s easy to see why this is their most popular vest. Yes, it’s $300…but, how many cheap vests have you purchased over the years? How well have they worked out? Yeah…that’s what I thought. So, my suggestion is to take the focus off of the immediate financial impact and look at the long-term benefit of the investment in purchasing an O.N.E. Outlaw Motorcycle Vest. It’s designed for longevity and it’s going to look great for a long, long time. And, it’s backed with a lifetime guarantee. Get one for yourself and be ready to go as soon as the weather’s right!

Satchel & Page Leather Bomber Jacket Review – $455

To reach “iconic status” is an amazing thing. Cars, guns, motorcycles, and some people certainly make the list. But, what about fashion items? The Swatch? No. Shoulder pads? Certainly not. Leggings from the 1980s? Nope, even though they’re trying to make a comeback. But there is one fashion standout that we can all agree on that has been elevated to iconic status and that is the leather bomber jacket.


About Satchel & Page

The inspiration forSatchel & Pagestems from a WWII map case owned by Daniel’s grandfather. The fact that it’s over 70 years old and looks amazing made Daniel question why he couldn’t seem to find modern day pieces created with such dedication to longevity. Satchel & Page was formed and their designs are based on items created in the 1940s. They launched their business via Kickstarter with much success. Now, they’re looking to expand into making leather jackets and have returned to Kickstarter. And, not surprisingly, their campaign has resonated with many folks there and they’re more than fully funded.

A Brief History of the Leather Bomber Jacket

TheSatchel & Page Leather Bomber Jacketappears to be inspired the classic G-1 Leather Flight Jacket. This jacket was brought to use by the U.S. Navy in the 1930s, and standardized by the Navy in 1940 as the M-422A. In 1943 this jacket, named by the Army Air Forces and the Navy as the ANJ-3 (Army Navy Jacket 3), replaced the iconic Army Air Forces A-2 jacket, hence the name of ANJ-3 (vs. A-2). Over time the designation settled upon was G-1. One of the most modern day versions of the G-1 can be seen in the movie “Top Gun” with good ol’ Maverick sporting it in multiple scenes.



My first impressions upon receiving the prototype Satchel & Page Bomber jacket elicited several concise, descriptors: iconic, classic, substantial, and extremely well made. Here’s a quick rundown on the components of this jacket:

  • Full grain, French calf leather, which is stronger than lamb, softer and more flexible than cow. It’s the ideal leather for this type of jacket.
  • The leather is chrome tanned and then re-tanned using a vegetable process. The chrome tanning keeps the leather soft and gives the jacket resistance against scratches and rain, and the veg re-tanning brings out the grain in the calf and enhances its aging characteristics.
  • Removable collar liner is made from Spanish shearling wool – you can feel the quality
  • Heavy duty YKK #10 zippers
  • Attractive tartan lining
  • Brass snaps and vent grommets

The jacket is expertly assembled and as mentioned, substantial. That weight is attributed to the high quality components – quality leather, thick shearling collar, nicely weighted liner, and heavy duty zipper.


*This is a prototype jacket and as such certain design elements and components of the jacket may change. According to Daniel at Satchel & Page, the mechanism of removing and attaching the shearling collar will be upgraded.



因为这是一个原型,我只有一个简短的风ow of opportunity to gauge the functionality of the jacket. And, it’s size is limiting for this particular task too (the prototype is a slim medium size). However, I’ve had 3 different (small, thin) guys who benefit from such a slim build try this jacket on and all 3 have asked if they could keep the jacket.


The initial reaction when you hand the jacket to them is just as I described earlier…all 3 of them said, “wow – this thing feels amazing”. Then, they put it on and each, in their own way, told me I was going to have a hard time getting it back from them. They all agreed that it feels fantastic and fit well. The pockets were easy to access (top snap pockets and slip in side pockets). The interior pocket is a nice touch for cell phones, wallets, or other small accessory storage.


Remember this too; even though the waistline and wrist cuffs are fabric, they too list last forever. Take a look at a vintage G-1 and you’ll see that those pieces wear just as long and hard as the rest of the jacket. So, fear not. Even if those pieces do wear out prematurely, a qualified seamstress or tailor can easily replace them.



As expected, all 3 of the guys who put this jacket on were ready to go hop on a motorcycle or climb into the cockpit of their airplane, haha. Seriously though, the jacket elicits a certain attitude and projects a feeling, well…manliness. This is a good thing.

It definitely hearkens back to the days of what we consider the Greatest Generation. In those days, this jacket wasn’t necessarily a fashion statement – it was a functional piece of attire for pilots and flight crews. In today’s modern version, such as the Satchel & Page Bomber Jacket, it is a signature fashion piece. And…it looks oh so good!



TheSatchel & Page Leather Bomber Jacket绝对称得上是一个伟大的购买。在Kickstarter price of $455 for this jacket, it is a bargain in the quality leather jacket market. The Kickstarter campaign ends Tuesday, December 2nd at 7pm PST. In addition to this fantastic rendition of the classic G-1 bomber jacket, Satchel & Page is also offering three other fine looking jackets in their initial line up. Check ‘em out and get one for yourself. This is also the perfect time to order one for that special someone on your holiday shopping list.