How to pair your leather with Jewelry

Whether it’s your classic brown leather belt that’s the go to for all formal occasions, your blackleather jacketthat makes you feel like a rock-star every time, or even your wallet, there’s a chance you own at least one leather accessory.

But do you know how to properly accessorize leather?

Accessorizing your leather look with jewelry is the ultimate way to add a touch of elegance – or edginess – to your outfit. Below, we’ve made a list of some outfit ideas where you can pair your leather with jewelry to create a whole variety of different looks.

An Edgy Ensemble

When you think of leather with metals, you probably think of a leather, silver studded belt, a leather jacket with silver embellishments, or a pair of leather boots with silver buckles and spikes. And that’s for a reason: black leather and silver are a match made in heaven. So when it comes to matching your leather pieces with jewelry, anything silver goes. But you’ll want to think about the overall look you’re going for. For example, it’s easy to wear a classic black leather jacket as a statement piece for an edgy vibe – simply match with a pair of leather boots and a silver studded bracelet. If you want to introduce a touch of sophistication, consider a black leather dress with some elegantpersonalized jewelryyou designed for yourself. Whichever way you go, silver is the ultimate and time tested way to elevate your black leather outfits.

Luxurious Leather Elegance

When pairing your leather with jewelry, the first thing you need to think about is the color of the leather you plan to wear. For black leathers, silver is the natural choice for metals to pair with, coloured leathers are where you can get more creative. Tan, brown, and off-white leathers are amongst the most popular modern color choices, and these sophisticated neutrals give off an elegant and formal energy quite different from the edginess and rebellious vibe of black leather. When opting for these colors, it can accordingly make sense to choose jewelry that complements their understated elegance. Think golds – including white gold and rose gold), classic white pearls, and a simple gold band.

Pop Punk Princess

It’s also important to think of the vibe you’re going for with your outfit. For example, are you going for a sophisticated but still edgy look, all out rebellious, fully formal, or delicate with a touch of glamor? There’s ways to create multiple looks with even a singleleather accessory. Let’s take a look at how this piece can also create a delicate, high-fashion, and highly feminine look. Consider wearing an ultra feminine baby-doll dress with a sweetheart neck – perhaps in pink to give it an extra pop-princess vibe. Don your leather jacket and a pair of silver high heels, and complete your look with an elegant silver necklace and a dainty pair of delicate earrings.

Just a Little Touch of Leather

当你考虑配饰等her with jewelry, what better way of combining the two than leather jewelry! Leather has been used for centuries to create clothing, shoes, and accessories. In recent times, however, we’ve seen a distinct fashion trend emerge: leather jewelry. For example, leather bracelets are amongst the most popular types of leather jewelry, whether its thin string cords, or bold, statement pieces. And let’s not forget that watches are a type of jewelry too – and you’ll often find some of the most high-quality watches paired with leather straps.

So when it comes to pairing your watch with leather, it’s an easy decision: simply add a leather strap to your timepiece. Make sure that the color of your leather strap compliments your outfit – for example, a black leather strap, a white leather strap, and a navy blue leather strap would all go with abrightly coloured outfit. But a brown watch strap would NOT go well with a black outfit. Once you’ve decided on the color of your leather watch strap, add a few other touches of leather to your outfit, for example a leather belt, or leather shoes. But here’s an important tip: make sure that your leathers match! So if your watch has a brown strap, then it means brown shoes and belt.

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